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Frank has been spending too much time alone. He needs to find something that provides him social interaction, and boffing Christian, is NOT an option, thank you. Of course his conflict with Bellatrix is about to heat up. That should provide some amusement in an "I'm about to get my ass kicked" sort of way.
We all sorta feel that way. Unfortunately the other people who feel that way are gurls, and I'm not sure how much social interaction Frank can afford to have with girls. They always want something. And what they usually want is a piece of the Frank. Except maybe Bertha. She wants a piece of the Arthur. She should be relatively safe.
Mike at Sony fixed our TiVo, so that's a big relief. I was sure it was deader'n'doornail.
I am totally bitten up from hoppie's parents this weekend. I must start putting on bug spray before I go over there. I notice Heather was looking a bit up too. And just for the equal opportunity thing, here's a link to pictures of my nephew.
And after going to 5 stores, I finally found a replacement car charger. I bought two just in case.
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