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Irony is not dead

This is not something Lanna actually needs because her children's legos are never not in use long enough to be put away, however it seemed polite to share the URL, just in case.
So approximately a week after I ranted about O, I'm hitting them up for lip gloss. Nothing mild about my hypocrisy, I tell you what.
Here are the quiz results.
Cute as a Button!
You just always were. You even burp cute. What can you do? It's really not your fault, and sometimes, just maybe, it annoys even you. You don't always want people cooing over you, do you? Just most of the time. You see the rolled eyes. You hear the frustrated sighs. You can't help it if the things you do just have a way of being sort of adorable. If dates fall onto your lap. If when you dump people, they apologize to you. If your doctors always blush, just a little, and make an extra joke or two. What's a cutie to do?

It's a promo for a Jennifer Love Hewett movie.
While we're on the subject of movies, I finally saw Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: Movie the First.

Impressions. It was quite good.
They worked a little hard to work in the VFD and connect everyone to it. That was the only thing that puzzled hoppie (who, if you notice, has become my poster child for the Constant Viewer, which is to say, he's not read any of the books, ever, and approaches all of these take offs with a fresh eye, excepting Lord of the Rings, which he did struggle through, as did we all, in High School and College. That one was all about geek cred, and you can't be taken seriously as a geek unless you've slogged through LOTR at least once, and no one ever gets through it the first go round, unless you're freaking superman. Which isn't to say it's not great, it is. It's an epic work of genius, but it's also damned difficult to read, which contrasts it greatly with something like say, oh A Series of Unfortunate Events which brings us back to my point)
The kids were very good. Jim Carrey did not steal the show away from them. I was a little bit saddened to see the "In her own hand" thing cut sneakily out.
Billy Connolly. Brilliant Uncle Monty. Absolutely delightful. Best roll since Billy Bones in Muppet Treasure Island.
Olaf's acting troupe is pretty indistinguishable from each other. For instance, I'm sure the hooked man was the doctor, but I don't remember noticing him. We just didn't spend enough time with the troupe to figure out who was who.
I missed some small things like the horseradish smelling road, and they added in some lame things to tie Olaf to the fire that weren't there in the books, but I understand that you want to keep the Constant Viewers engaged by giving them the feeling that things are related, since they clearly haven't the patience to sit through the books.
Closing credits, brilliant. Olaf chases the children through the credits in shadow cutouts.
Lemony Snicket's narration, best narrative function since The Princess Bride. Way better than George of the Jungle.

I'm typing with one eye on the mirror and one ear out because I hear Noah and I worry he's headed this way, although normally if I can hear him, I'm safe, because he likes to stalk his prey and approach stealthily.

I have a Posse!. Hee hee hee hee hee.
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