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Caring for Edmund

So this morning when I asked my husband what time he came to bed, (this is regular occurance. I get up earlier (generally), but I have a limited ability to stay up late anymore, so I stay on the couch until I'm nearly asleep and then go upstairs, I've found this has helped with my insomnia, actually, although, sleeping on the couch all the time would probably cure it entirely.) he said about "12." I knew I didn't even try to get to sleep until 11:30, so I was surprised I didn't wake up. So I said that. And he gave me a strange look, "You don't remember waking up and talking to me?"
"You said I asked you to take care of Edmund."
"What? tell!"
"You woke up and started opening your bottle of vitamins, and I asked what you were doing."
Oh, not "take care of Edmund" but "take your vitamin." Yeah, I kinda remember that.
"Oh, and I said, I always take these in the morning."
"You said you always take them first thing in the morning. And I said: "It's not first thing in the morning, it's last thing at night."
So I put the vitamin bottle away and went to sleep.
But I do sorta remember the dream where he told me that I needed more iron, and I should take more vitamins. Strange. Although the real reason I posted the interlude here, is because when hoppie said he'd asked me to care for Edmund, I immediately thought of Edmund Crabbe and wondered if I'd been dreaming about him. I thought Angela might appreciate that.

And this I got from Arthur, Arthur, muffin barker.I think we have a couple of these at my parent's house in KY.

what's your inner flower?

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