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Unrealistic expectations

I walk into the room. I am reading furiously.
RFECW: What are you reading?
Me: quietly Smut.
RFECW takes the book and reads the back cover
RUCW: What?
Me: Normal volume, blushing furiously Smut.
RUCW: What is smut? He takes the book Oh. Porn.
Me: Oh sure you know what that is.
RUCW: Of course. So this is smut?
RICW: Ooooh, did you get it off the internet?
Me: I'm ending this conversation now. Give me back my book which I purchased in a perfectly respectable store.
RFECW: It's a Harlequin.
RICW: What respectable stores sells those? Those are sold in low class establishments, like Market Basket [local grocery chain].
Me: I get mine at Target.
RICW: I rest my case.
Me: Conversation ending now.
RUCW: Yes. Leave the smut alone.
Tags: soliefriends

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