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Whenever I'm away from you

Hoppie's eyes change color.
I was reading an eye color change Sue in pottersues, when it occured to me that I actually know someone who's eyes sorta do that. Sure, he doesn't have a wide range of color choices. I mean, I'm not sure that Hermione Sue had that many choices, but hoppie's eyes rest at hazel and turn either brown or green with strong emotions. I once stared into his eyes as they turned from brown to green. (they probably would have stopped at hazel if I hadn't amused him by telling him what I was doing.) It was very neat.

I can't decide what to do about my purse. I feel like if it can hold on until tomorrow, I will buy a new one at lunch time. The strap is hanging on by a thread. It made it through lunch though.
I could go tonight and get a new purse.
But I don't know.
I've only had this purse...*thought* 2 months. That's like a new record for me (low end, not high.)
It's the whole electronics queen thing. Purses resent it. They want to be the ultimate force for organization in the universe, and they can't stand being usurped by Palm, Cellphone, keyboard, mp3 player...*sigh*

This is temporary icon in case you're wondering. Curt Shilling during the ALCS strategizing. The real icon which I don't have time work on is going to be (*hopefully*) an animated icon switching between various drawings of the Sox during the post season by the same Korean artist who did this one, but not this one.

Bunny's Book Club: Special Valentine's Day edition.
Jan and I were a little early, and we left a little late, so there was much talkage occuring. It was a pretty social group.
Bunny read Robin McKinley's Sunshine on Cassie's recommendation and was talking before we started the book club about how much she enjoyed it.
The book bunny brought was Tinker by Wen Spencer. A scifi romance. Very funny. It moves very quickly. World is constructed in levels. Elf world/human world/bad elf world. Edit:Pittsburgh has been moved to the elf place, and it gets to go home once a month for supplies. The heroine (a physics genius) runs a junkshop. Elves are at war. People are moving between dimensions. Janice met the author and wasn't really impressed by it. It was good, not incredible.
She also talked about Blade Dancer by Edit: S.L. Viehl.
Lori Handalan's Hunter's Moon. Same puzzle but from a different angle. Does that not make sense? It doesn't to me either.

Robin brought Judith Ivory Beast. Set in the 1900s in America. Heroine's name is Lauren and she's Grace Kellyesque. Her parents are NYC elite. She has an arranged marriage to a French perfume maker. Hero is scarred. They cross the sea together. And fall in love and get married. They're both arrogant people. He comes out of the shadows, and she discovers that she's more of a person than a pretty doll.
Andrea brought Just Like a Man by Elizabeth Beverly. Hero is a single father who's a spy. he and his son move to a town and the son is going to an exclusive private school, then you realize that the spy is there to find someone who works at the school. The school headmistress is the daughter of a conman and she's reinvented herself, and she forms a relationship with the spy. And this is how they get to know each other, uncovering layer after layer of each other, and their pasts. She accidentally gets involved in his case.
Mary brought a Timeswept romance (so you see, mine wasn't the only one around) Suzanne Plunket's Remember Love. Heroine is a homely woman from 1996. Her brother recently died and she got swept back to 1886 into another woman's body, but she's beautiful, but slow. The hero got tricked into marrying the slow girl, and he gradually notices the change, and she stays there long enough and starts to forget who she was.
Janice brought Sorcery and Cecelia - a comedy of manners. regency novel. with sorcerers. I didn't say much about it in my notes because I already read it. I thought I reviewed it for 50bc, but it must have come in after I finished my totals.
Cassie brought Angela Knight's Master of the Night. twist on King Arther. Paranormal ronance. Men are vampires. You have to be a decent of one of the knights of the round table, and you have to sleep with the other 3 times. The court picks and chooses who gets the power. He works for the government, and they know he's a vampire. Erin (heroine) is trying to avenge her lover. She's going after Reece (vampire) becuase he thinks he's responsible for death. He has set up the company. If you are one of his descendants, you go to the party. He's not sure she can handle the power.
Mary recommended Secrets, an erotic anthology which has stories by the same author.
These seem to be more story oriented than some of the other pure smut like Susan Johnson has a story that's just scary.
Angela Knight has a time-travel series. In the book we talked about (didn't catch the name apparently) he has to protect her and she doesn't necessary want to be pretected.
Kim Harrison Dead Witch Walking
Katie McAllister (katiemac's novels improper english, the corset diaries, hard day’s knight were recommended as interesting and humourous romances.
Tara Zatel has an interesting Luna series set in Camelot
Burning Road & Plague Tales - near future post apocolyps & Plague times.
And finally, a Bunny comfort book: He, She, & It by Marge Pierson - the responsibilities of creating life, golom story - romance w/ choice & free will

The book exchange went....well, it did go. 8-) I ended up bringing my top two winners and giving them both out since someone had forgotten to bring a book. Andrea wrapped hers! And Robin made bookmarks for everyone (I'll scan it, so you guys can admire.) Wow. It was a great group.
After the majority of people left, Bunny, Cassie, Jan, and I hung out and talked books for another hour.
Cassie suggested another informal get together, to exchange favorite books. (loaning, not giving.) And we don't have to restrict it to just romances. Any other local women on my lj interested in joining us, give us a shout out.

Oh, Cassie.
cassie_o is a uniquely delightful person. Bubbly and cheerful, such a pleasure to be around. Happy, intelligent, articulate. She's one of the nicest people I've met on livejournal, and it's pleasure to be able to see her and talk to her, and exchange books with her.
I'm going to have to introduce to hoppie one of these days and let them talk anime, although she could probably talk circles around hoppie, who's just a dabbler.
My neurologist wouldn't be so quick to disrespect the time I spent on the computer meeting people, if she knew it brought me people like Cassie.

I plan to poll in the next few days about comfort things. Be thinking about the things you turn to for comfort. I'll be thinking about how best to structure the poll.

Corrections from comments have been rolled like swiss chocolate into this post.
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