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Dream of Lunch

So Rocker, Hoppie and I are in Rocker's car driving along a street near my grandmother's house in Kentucky discussing where we wanted to go for lunch. As per usual real life interactions, we had a terrible time deciding, so I finally picked a place nearby.
We went inside and it was crowded. And I was no longer with Rocker and Hoppie, but instead with Laina and Solies. We saw one of our other coworkers, Ron, sitting by himself a table for 4 near the kitchen. Laina asked him if we could join him, but he explained to her that we couldn't, while I walked away pretending I wasn't with them. While we were waiting to be seated the hostess told me that he was sitting alone because his father had died, and he refused to eat with anyone. I said I thought that was very sad. We ate and finished, and they went outside to get the car while I paid. On my way to pay, I ran into the proprietress of the restaurant who was telling me how sad it was about Ron, that he hadn't eaten all day, and refused to eat with anyone since his father died. I said I knew that, and yes, it was very sad.
She asked me how I knew he hadn't had anything to eat all day.
I said, "Well, I didn't know that, I just knew he wasn't eating with anyone."
"It's so sad."
"Yes, it is." I agreed. I went to pay, and I looked at the bill. It was for 400 something dollars! I freaked out. I said, "I don't carry nearly enough cash to pay this!"
Then when I looked at the bill, I noticed that one of the steaks had been accidentally rung in as 1,330$. That explained the discrepancy. So I went to appeal the bill with the cashier. Rocker was in line "behind me" but there were a lot of people behind me who seemed to be done before I was even able to talk to the cashier. Then I woke up.

Hoppie reminded me yesterday that I don't have to be alone. He is with me. He cares, and he hurts when I'm hurting. It was sweet. And nice.
He also asked that I try to stop underestimating him. Something else to work on.

Yo! Dude on the concall. Mute when you cough!

And afterwards: Vegas this weekend, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, you needn't feel like I did anything rash. Unless the something rash involves Penn, Teller, and a gaggle of things we can't talk about outside the great state of Nevada. You think my great aunt doesn't know how to party?
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