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How long can I make this trip report: Part 1 - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love. — LiveJournal

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March 9th, 2005

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07:42 am - How long can I make this trip report: Part 1
So, I'm sure you're all wondering the answer to big question. "How was Vegas?"
Well, the short version is, we did not lose money gambling, but we didn't pay for the vacation on our winnings either. Hoppie won about 120$ and I won about 40$. We would have done better if we had stayed closer to my parents when they were at the tables. As it was, they did most of their gambling while we were off staying out of trouble in other ways.

Day one actually begins with the night before. We went out and did some shopping at BJs (including things like buying batteries we apparently didn't even need, oh well, if we hadn't we'd a needed them.) and buying my great aunt a gift card for her birthday, (oh, we got her something else too, we're not freaking lame.), and dinner.
When we got home, it was about 9:45, and I had a migrane for which I had forgotten to get drugs at a time when my local Walgreens was open. I went to bed. Hoppie decided it was a waste to go to bed. He stayed up and watched down TiVo. I set the alarm for 1, and slept as best I could, waking, grumbling at 12:45. I got up and started the morning rituals. When I got out of the shower, hoppie was upstairs packing. We then swapped and around 2:15 or so left for the airport.
For anyone trying to go to Logan in the middle of night, there's something you should know...Route 93 AKA: the road to the road to the airport is closed in Boston for road construction. So we ended up picking up Route 1 to 16 to 1A to get to the airport around 3:30, which is, all things considered, still quicker than going to Logan 93 any time between 8:00AM and 8:00PM.
After driving around looking for long-term parking, we found a nice spot in the snow and parked. The shuttle was there and waiting and we popped on. They switched drivers and we were off. Self-checking, for the first time ever, was a breeze, and we were through security pretty quick and at the gate comfortably before boarding, although I had to admit hoppie was right about when to get up. My initial timings would have cut it much closer.
Hoppie took window for the first leg and slept the whole time. I read The Picture of Dorian Gray, wrote a bit, and generally didn't sleep. Second leg, same as the first, except I had the window view. We arrived at the airport around 10AM. We got our bags and had breakfast at a little place in the airport (Mexican; Huevos Rancheros, mmm, good), and by then it was nearly time to meet my parents. We got to their bagage area and got into a nice conversation with a woman visiting Vegas with her son, and a nearly native who'd just come back from lobbying Washington on behalf of the postal carriers whom the goverment is trying to bend over and screw. She's been a letter carrier for nearly 30 years and she's a hair's breadth from retirement, only they want to make it so she's got not nothing to retire on. Sweet huh?
So my parents plane got in, and we talked on the phone to each either while circling the baggage carousel. Finally we saw each other. They'd been standing on the same side, but opposite end of the carousel. Cute. So we got into a limo and headed off to the hotel. We checked in, and while they were checking us in, dad finished checking in and said to the woman checking us in. "Are they on the 16th floor."
"No, we're on nine."
"Move 'em to 16."
"Yes, sir." said the woman, "But are you sure they wouldn't rather be away from you?"
"Doesn't matter." said my dad with a grin and a laugh.
She found us a suitable room 4 doors down. We went up and checked in, took a nap (hoppie took a good nap, I slept fitfully and was cold until I got under the covers, and eventually gave up). I took a shower and went to talk to the parents, and then came back to wake up Tom to get him showered and skilbyed. Then we went to dinner with the family. Everyone was assembled in front of the buffet. On the way, I noticed a Dilbert slot machine and hoppie and I made a vow we would return! Dinner was lovely. George and Irene made a presentation to Aunt Estelle of pictures of Uncle Max in a lovely framed collage. These are the first 25 pictures in the album. After dinner we went to the bar and sat around gabbing, during which time people (including us) would leave and return. We left to get hoppie an updated Orleans club card, and went to play the Dil-wheel. Hoppie got the spinner twice and won something like 80$. Then we went back to the bar and learned we'd just missed my parents who'd gone to bed. Eventually we realized that was a good idea. I slept like a rock, waking up at 10:30 when the phone rang.

Because Aunt Estelle can't stand Aunt Diane, we thoughtfully moved our breakfast with our other great Aunt to a different hotel. We caught the shuttle at 11:45. Well some of us did. Dad thought we were meeting at the tables, and I thought we were meeting at the shuttle, so we were at the shuttle precisely on time, and mom came out while dad stayed in to look for us. Instead of returning for dad, we all boarded the shuttle and met Aunt Diane. I called dad and told his voice mail we were taking the shuttle and he should just meet us at the restaurant. After we met Diane and got seated and had been talking a few minutes, dad calls wondering where we are. We get everything straightened away and caught up with Diane. Her health isn't the best, although her spirts are good. She has a nerve in her spinal column that's being pinched, and will eventually cause paralysis and death, but she's figuring with any luck, she'll die of something else before then so it's all good. And four slipped disks in her back. The family is doing well though. I need to get my cousin's address from her. He's in the SF Bay area so we can see him when we're up for Eric and Zoe's wedding. George and Irene asked us to stay with them too, so it will nice. They're all in to meeting cousin Yancy (Yancy Yesowitch, oh, the pain, the pain!).
So after a nice breakfast with Diane (pictures 26-32), we go back to the hotel. Dad and I shuttle. Mom and hoppie walk. Dad goes upstairs to exchange the equipment he's carrying. I go downstairs to try to find family (particularly cousin Hilary who came in this morning). I go to the reception area in the lounge. There's a woman there looking asleep in a chair who looks a bit like my cousin Hilary, but slightly older than I expected. I watch her. Eventually she gets up. I hesitate a moment, but what if it is cousin Hilary and I loose her! I follow her. She's stopped at a phone. She sees me! I try to hide, but it's too late. So it is cousin Hilary. We have a bit of a laugh over my stealthy following and return to reception after she lets Aunt Estelle know she's found me.
We catch up and eventually we meet up with Mom, Dad, Hoppie, Irene, George, and Hannah. We gab until it's time to change for dinner. (We did a lot of changing. This is the reason we didn't do much gambling.) It's a big party (pictures 33-55), and Estelle gets many more presents including a large photo album from her children, Martin and Lauren and George and Irene.
I feel ill during dinner so I go to lie down for a bit. When hoppie comes up, though, I'm feeling better so we all head off to New York, New York, to ride the roller coaster. Mom doesn't do coasters and since I was sick all of 20 minutes ago, I conclude it's in my best interests to skip it. After the first ride, George, Irene, Hannah, and Martin decide to return again and again. Lauren waits for them, and Mom, Dad, hoppie and I go down to the tables. Hoppie kept his money and made slighly more. 20$ I think. I made 60$. Mom and dad made more than that.
Then the roller coaster had to shut down on account of rain. They'd have been riding all night. Dad showed us his favorite video slot machine "Risque Business." Then we went through a couple of casinos, I forgot the first one now, but the Luxor and the Excaliber were the second two. We played a bit at the Luxor. I played Tobasco and gave back 10$, but hoppie won 10$ so we were net even. Mom and Dad played at the tables and killed. There was another opportunity to make some money that we missed.
Then we went back to to hotel and blessed sleep.

And I'm going to cut it off there, even though there are still two days wanting. You wouldn't want me to spoil it all for you, would you?
Current Music: I Can't Give You Anything But Love-Mike Jones-Stretches Out

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[User Picture]
Date:March 10th, 2005 12:08 pm (UTC)

showard and ...

I must admit I read your quote showered and skilbyd and beamed. Do you ever find yourself having to explain that, or do you only use it around people who know you by now?
[User Picture]
Date:March 10th, 2005 02:26 pm (UTC)

Re: showard and ...

It's an odd thing, but truthfully, there just aren't that many occasions where one says "showered" naturally in conversation. Whenever I say "showered," I say "showered and skilbyd" but it just doesn't come up that often.
Take a typical conversation, you could say:
"I need to get showered (and skilybyd)"
or you could say:
"I need to take a shower."
Lately I've been all about needing to take a shower. Or even more to the point, not talking about it, just doing it quitely in the background trusting that everyone knows I'm taking regular showers and I don't need to talk about.
So, the answer to a question that probably didn't need this long explanation is:
No, I don't really find myself having to explain it. The rare times I use it, people don't even notice. They probably think it's some type of cockney not-entirely-rhyming slang.

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