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The good news is that I have no dreams to describe.
The bad news is thiat this is because I can't sleep.
After coughing for 2 hours in bed, I went downstairs and coughed on the couch for two hours.
By then it was 5:30, and I figured it was late enough to get up and catch up on livejournal, which by the way, takes longer without my glasses which are upstairs where poor hoppie may finally be sleeping.
We're supposed to go to NY today to fvisit friends of mine.
I'm on the fence about going. I really want to stay in bed all day with better drugs than I had last night.
I figure I'll call and give them the opporunity to tell me not to come.
I'm on the fence about going to my class too. I want to go, but I'd hate to responsible for getting everyone sick, and as I feel particularly miserable, I'm feelling sensitive to the poential suffering of others.
I t hink it's the flu. Lest you wonder.
Tags: friends, tmi, travel

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