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And when at last as the waters receeded

Last night I went vampire hunting.

It started with me and hoppie looking for this restaurant in this set of interconnected building complexes. We'd wandered through A, and B, when I realized I was getting tired and irritable. We went down a set of steps to get to D (which also connected to E) and I made him stop and look at D's building directory. It wasn't listed there, but we asked the receptionist if she knew where it was. At first she wasn't sure it was there at all, but then she realized it was and sent us off. He followed a set of directions until we got to our hotel room. Outside the room, hoppie was distracted by a hot chick that later it turned out we thought was a vampire.
We went into the hotel room and started to change for dinner, when my parents came in.
I had on a white button down shirt, shockingly bright blue skirt, and some type of red top, maybe a vest of some type? Not sure. I was wearing two necklaces, one of which was a heavy locket on a chain long enough to allow the locket to dangle between my breasts. I wore crystal blue heart earrings. (I know it sounds like I'm spending an obscenely long time describing my jewlery, but that's how it was in the dream. I spent a long time choosing it.) As we all walked down the hall to dinner, I tucked the locket into my shirt, thinking I didn't want the vampires to know I was wearing a talisman to protect myself from them. It was heavy and cool against my skin. There were only two chairs with our group of friends when we got there, and it was not by coincidence that the only two chairs available were with the vampire that hoppie was hot for and her roommate an Asian vampire. So we sat down, and I pretended to be calm. And then I woke up.
In another dream, I was dreaming about singing along with Sheena Easton (on CD) to "For Your Eyes Only."
Okay, so they weren't interesting dreams. Just dreams.
Worse that song is now deep in my head.

The network is done which has allowed me to catch up on some unrelated to work things, like typing up my notes from yesterday's Haggadah class.
Writing some livejournal posts.
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