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Purim is the smurfiest holiday.
I was whining about having to go listen to the Megilla last night, but I actually enjoy sanctioned booing and making noise and carrying on.
And Blinky and Boris both came by this morning to tell me how touched they were that they got Shaloch Manos. It warms my heart. (I have one for you too, Jan, don't worry. It's just a matter of getting it to you.)
I feel all glowy. I told hoppie that I deserved a good day at work to make up for the last few, and I think I'm getting it.
Also, massage was fabulous. I still feel blissed out. And I recommended you to Phil. I don't know if he'll call, but I gave him your Website and assured him that I felt you were worth the drive ALL THE WAY from Bedford (MA). He actually lives in Manchester, IIRC. He was concerned about any overt expressions of, um, satisfaction you might raise with your ministrations. He didn't say whether he wanted me to ask you how you handle such situations.
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