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Third time is the charm, and all that.

So this my third attempt at an lj post today.
The first one died painfully while it was in the background of me working.
The second one never actually got started because it was time for the ramblin' rover to make his traditional visit and I gave in.

So today's excitement is that Peter sent me a heads up on some additional stealth development. Hurray for Peter! Bad developer! But the developer redeemed himself by answering my questions, but unfortunately he's got this whole "so open your brains fall out" architecture model. No, I don't really mind having an infinitely configurable system in theory, but it makes the directions long and clunky when you can't refer to anything by a specific name, because, it's infinitely configurable.
like http://hostname/instancename/index.html
I know, don't whine...he could let them choose whether to use htm or html for a index page.
Don't give him ideas!

Phil sounds amused and not annoyed that I'm accidentally reviewing his work. That's good news. At the Chateaux of the Long Toes, it's nice to know I'm not irritating someone.

The lovely Laina is working at home today. Which means she didn't get any of Rich's birthday cake. I'm sure she'd missing it dreadfully.

MLH stopped by once looking all hot and bothered from his nature walk. Button your shirt, shmendric, this is an office. He came by looking for validation of his brilliance. "Good boy. Have a fish." He went away happy.

So that's the Luna I've heard so much about. She's not so bad, although you can see what JKR is setting up here. Ron and Hermione off doing stuff while Harry is stuck with the outcasts. I see that Harry's powers are getting stronger too. I wonder what those things are. Also, I wonder if Hagrid is still off with Madame Maxime trying to unify the magical word before Lord V. beats them to it. I also have the feeling that the toad is going to showing up soon.

It was very hard to stop at one chapter this week. I made up many reasons why it was entirely reasonable for me to read two chapters a week, not one. But in the end, I managed to hold on. I should hope the shame of confessing my weakness in a public forum like this would be enough to hold me down.

Sunday I spent all day with Frank and Tip. We got drunk and frolicked in the woods. Yippee!
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