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15 days

Friday's thoughts:
It's been 15 days since I last mentioned that I'm loving gameday audio.
So just in case you forgot, I live for this.
I'm not particuarly enamoured of the sluggish way the Sox are playing. I know it's just spring training, but like the Twins announcer said, you can't suddenly flip a switch, and now you're playing like world champions.
The Twins announcers also said something funny when Kevin Millar was coming up to bat, "According to him, he's the most popular person in baseball." And that cracked me up, because he probably does think that.

Monday's thoughts:
Here's a philosophical question, if the Cards win the NCAA, how much will the Lexington loosers hate Rick Pitino? Lori already uses his face as a dart board, although she felt that way about him since the moment he stepped foot out of Rupp Arena. I'm just thinking there's going to be a lot of shattered Pitino pasta sauce, that's all.
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