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Cabs available? Call em in!

Lori reminded me a couple of things last night:
1. She hates Rick Pitino specifically because he was rude to her when she was a patron at his restaurant.
2. My 2nd year anniversary is coming up. Cotton/China is the theme. Suggestions?
My current leading choice is a china figurine of Tom Kitten, although I have done that before.

Track 1: Your favorite song.
No favorites, but if I were lost on a desert Island with only one song, probably Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart"

Track 2: Your Earliest Memory of A Song
Sing a Song at naptime in Kindergarten

Track 3: A significant song from childhood- elementary school, let's say.
"Way up in the Sky" is the first line. I don't know what it's called, but it's got birds and they're sleeping, or trying to. They'd have an easier time of it if we stopped singing.

Track 4: A significant song from middle school.
REO Speedwagon "Take it on the Run"

Track 5: Your first kiss or first slow dance, whichever one applies or you choose.
First slowdance was probably "Run for the Roses" by Dan Fogleberg. (Oh, give me a break, I'm from KY. It was very popular.)

Track 6: A significant song from high school.
Bullet Boys "Smooth up in Ya"

Track 7: A song that you sang along to the first time you drove on your own, with the windows down and the wind in your hair and the stereo turned up really loud.
Eric Carmen's "Make Me Loose Control"

Track 8: Your senior class or senior prom song
Time of my Life Bleh. By Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

Track 9: An important song from graduation or summer after graduation.

Track 10: A song from your first year in college.
Does playing "We are the Champions" from Queen all night on one especially memorable night count? No. Fine. I played Paul's Boutique, the Beastie Boys album over, and over, and over again. "High Plains Drifter" was probably my favorite song on that album.

Track 11: A song that reminds you of your first love.
Bryan Adams "Run to You"

Track 12: The song you listened to after your first real breakup (Come on, admit it. You had one.)
George Michael "Father Figure"

Track 13: A song that describes your relationship with your current love/crush/infatuation/fixation.
Doris Day "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"

Track 14: A song that you think describes you pretty well during this time period.
I guess it depends on your perspective.
I've been thinking Jim Croce's "Operator" describes me decently from someone else's point of view.
I'll think about this one some more.

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

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I have strings having off the right sleeve of my shirt. I cannot cut them decently, despite being left handed, because my right hand is the only one that knows how to use scissors. I find it intensely annoying then, that there are no loose threads on the my left sleeve.
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