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A very long and complex dream

I was upstairs in some type of convention room or hotel getting in a fight with my friend Robin's husband, Ricky (although in reality, Ricky is her husband's best friend, not her husband). I'm furious because he's done something to hurt her. I think he might have kicked her out. He keeps reminding me that it's none of my business, but I'm furious. I'm equally annoyed because I feel like I will have to forgive him eventually since he's running this event that I'm attending (at said convention centre/hotel). He is getting into his dragon costume when I storm off.
Upstairs description: We were arguing in the hall. The walls and carpet were a pretty nondescript cream color. The stairs were carpetted the same way, and were basically right next to where were arguing. When I left, I turned, walked about 2 feet away, and then turned into the stairwell.
This is some type of mixer that involves collecting receipts (which look like fake dollar bills) from the various dinosaurs scattered around the two floors. There are a couple of dragons (like Ricky) wandering around and if you run into them, they can take your bills. I go downstairs quickly because i don't want to run into Ricky again, and I know he's going to stationed on the stairs between the two floors. Hoppie stays upstairs to collect from the dinosaurs upstairs.
I collect from the dinosaurs downstairs. I see two of three of them floating around the floor, and then I get to this table where a bunch of them are working assembly line fashion. One of them Jan, who appears to be Korean, offers me two authenticated dollars, and so I take the second one for hoppie. Around about that time, he shows up, so I give him the dollar and he stands next to me as I continue in line.
Room description: It's a white speckled tile. There are many people around, including a lot of children. There are long tables, round tables and chairs. The room is big enough that it doesn't feel crowded even though there are alot of people.
We talk awhile, me, hoppie, and some friends, and then we go into another room to play Settlers of Catan with Mark, Sandy's old boyfriend, who is starting to become an archetype in my life, (Current Mark is named Mike. Previous Mark is named Tony) but then we realize we have to change for dinner. Which is just as well because we'd somehow screwed up the dealing of the land masses. I'm not sure how.
Room in which we were playing settlers was off the main convention room. You turned down this hallway which had a set of drawers built into the wall, and entered this sitting room. Same tiles. We were setting up on a table near the door, but the room continued down a step. It had a wall of glass window, looking out to the back of the hotel which was woodland; a few feet of grass and then trees in bloom. Inside the room were funky couches in light green fabric perched on a slenderish metal frame.
Since were were headed up to the room, I stopped and picked up my bags of stuff from the drawers in the hallway and, since I had my hand full, I decided to use the elevator instead of the stairs. The elevator was just closing when Amy (a friend from high school) and I got there. I was thinking that the people who'd left just as we came up were rude to not hold elevator for us, when, as if to prove that I did not know what rudeness was, a couple came up to the elevator, moved in front of us and explained that they were in a hurry and they would need to get on the elevator first.
Amy explained that there was probably enough room on the elevator for all of us. A couple more people showed up before the elevator got there and finally, we were on board. The carpet in the holding area was a soft mauve color. The elevator was chrome and glass, although I wasn't afraid at all. Of course I didn't really look outside while I was on the elevator either. The rude people got off at the fourth floor. We got off at the 6th. Then we walked up the steps around the corner and up the steps again to our floor. There was a large full-service bar in the main area where all the corridors leading to the room met. I turned to go to my room, but using the elevator had turned me around so I went down the wrong corridor. Then I backtracked to the bar, and ran into my mother who was wearing my blue skirt. Initially when I saw her wearing it, she was wearing it as a skirt and it just looked big. As we walked back to my room together, she was wearing it as a dress. Very strange.
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