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So it wasn't all I hoped it would be, although it wasn't bad.
Hoppie loved the shirts. That makes me feel good. He likes the green one and he loves the black one. He plans to wear them both at some point. He said something about wearing the green one for poker night.
I meant to say something about poker night during some one of the recent entries, but I forgot. Went to anjillmarie's to play Texas Hold-Em on Saturday night. Jill had told me that her uncle can be difficult to play with. (He's the baby of the family and only about 10 years older than me, but he never really grew up.)
So he doesn't like to show his cards unless he's won the hand. We'd been playing that the showdown follows the betting pattern (first person in to the left of the dealer starts), and everyone shows. We stated the beginning of the game that this was what we were going to follow (In the first game, Bruce had been a little bitch about this, so Craig wanted to state the rules clearly up front.) Bruce, of course, argues it. Craig has done a little research this time, and he points out that while there are other conventions that don't demand everyone in the showdown show, this is way everyone else likes given that this is a friendly game and we're still all learning how to play. I point out that it being Craig's house, he's allowed to declare a house rule, and since it's being stated clearly up front, it shouldn't be a problem.
We proceed to play. Bruce is sitting at the end of the table with me on his right, and Craig on his left so everytime he throws in his cards without turning them over during the showdown, one of us dutifully turns them over for him. Of course Bruce is not happy with a silent defiant stand, he's got to complain at us about turning them over.
Craig: We agreed to play this way.
Bruce: No you agreed. I never agreed.
Craig went on to say that if we wanted to play it Bruce's way, he'd have to show because he was the last to raise and so would have been the first one to show his cards.
Bruce: No I wasn't!
Craig: Yes, you were.
Play continues until anjillmarie goes "All-in". I raise. Bruce wants to call the original all-in bet, not mine.
Craig: You can't.
Bruce: Why not?
Jill: Because that's not how you play. If you can afford the bet, you call it, if you can't, you go all in.
Bruce: No, I only want to play for the small pot.
Craig: You can't. You have to call the bet on the table or fold.
Bruce: You guys play stupid rules.
Me: No, that's really how you play.
Craig goes up to check the internet to find the rules on the internet while we look through Eric's book to see what it says. It's really more of a strategy guide than a rulebook, so doesn't produce anything of value. Craig can't find anything quickly so he comes down and hoppie tries it. He can't find anything quickly either, and now 20 minutes have gone by.
Craig insists that's how we play and we're just continuing. Bruce can call my bet, or fold.
He folds and insists on being cashed out immediately.
Now I lose my temper.
Me: No, we're finishing this hand. I've already forgotten what cards I'm holding twice. You want to cash out, fine! But you do not cash out in the middle of a hand. You wait until it plays out.
And then to add insult to injury, he stayed there until hoppie and I left (1 or 2 hours later) so we couldn't talk about him. Grrrr.
Alright, more about the anniversary later, time for me to run again.
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