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I was in a daze, moving in the wrong direction.

Strange dream last night. Not much interesting about it to tell, except that I was at some type of camp, and I passed one of my friends (Pam from when I was a kid, who seems to be doing quite a few dream cameos in her spare time), and asked why she was awake so early, and she told me it was because Wakefield was pitching today.
Yeah, but not until later, I replied.
Amusingly enough, Wakefield actually did pitch yesterday, and won.
The other less interesting part was talking to my BEF in the dream, asking him for character assessment insight for a story I'm working on. He gave me a brief summary of how he thought the character would act and then later, handed me a notebook sheet with a written breakdown of how he felt the character would act. Interestingly enough, I have no intention of putting the character through a senario like this. Even after dreaming about it.
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