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Tomorrow's trivia today!

My matza bagles are good, but not presently as good as my mother's. I'm making solies try one when he gets in. Hoppie and Linda have been my tasters so far and they've both been pleased.
Linda: Doesn't taste like bagel, but it's good.

Hoppie: It's good.
Me: Not as good as my mom's.
Hoppie: True, but there's time to learn. Yours taste more cookie-like.

I speak "religious" sounding Hebrew, as opposed to my brother who speaks "Israeli" Hebrew. Which is odd because I do speak with the Sephardic pronounciation, but my brother carefully enunciates and speaks clearly, while I tend to slur my words, as I do with English. I'm just really amused by those terms, "Religious" Hebrew and "Israeli" Hebrew. I don't think I've heard them before.

I had some really negative dreams last night including a dream where I lived in two apartments (well, I lived in one. I just rented the other. I had some excuse for why it made sense to rent to apartment within walking distance of each other, but I can't remember it.) I left my apartment and went for a walk, then couldn't remember if I had a key to get back in. Anyway, I'm not really going to go into details about it, but then I has another dream where outside with my mom and hoppie and a bunch of bees in clusters. I eventually got stung by a bee. Hoppie dug out the bee+stinger from my hand, leaving a large square hole, like a cartoon.
Isn't there supposed to be something about how you don't feel pain in dreams, and that's why you're supposed to pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming? I flatly deny it. That sting hurt a freaking lot. So did the digging the bee out. It hurt so much that I was surprised to wake up and not be in pain, although the inch square hole in my hand should have been enough to tip me off that it was a dream. Anyway both are signs of impending doom, if you believe in dreams as a predictive indicator, which I don't.
Trip home was good. Family is good. Speaking of family, I got an email while I was home from a heretofor unknown 2nd cousin once removed. That was pretty sweet. My dad is over the moon about it. Maybe this is the incentive he needs to scan in all his old family pictures, as I have been encouraging him to do for some time. What confuses me is that she knew my great aunt really well, and her children and grandchildren, so how did they miss us? Of course I faired better than my cousin Lauren. They knew about her older brother, but not about her. And us possessors of the Kurtz diamonds, no less.

The boss just sent me (and many others) an incomprehensible message with a Pepsi commercial attached. Apparently the new "Joy of Pepsi" is cheating your way to victory. Why is that all Pepsi commercials seem to involve things that simply aren't pleasurable.
The Joy of Pepsi is having your ID stolen by a bear.
The Joy of Pepsi is getting hit in the stomach by a flying Pepsi can.
The Joy of Pepsi is oogling pop starlets, or getting oogled by an old geezer and his dog.
These are not experiences I want to live. And that, as well as any other reason, is why I prefer Coke products. (although Sierra Mist is chipping away at the monopoly Coke has in my heart, which is why I expect it to be discontinued at any moment.)
And now, some quizzes.

I am:
"You're probably one of those people who still thinks that getting a blowjob is not an impeachable offense."

Are You A Republican?

Maybe I'm more Massachussets than I thought.

You're a Plot writer!

What kind of writer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Like that wasn't obvious.
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