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First basemen, motorbikes, ice, and Palm IIIcs

So I was at my grandmother (MeeMaw)'s old apartment and there was a table set up in the front corner of the parking lot. I was sitting on the outside corner and talking baseball with a couple of Yankees fans, who actually appeared to be Yankees. Well, at least one of them was, 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez. We were discussing the acquisition of John Olerud by the Red Sox. ARod and the other Yankees(fans) were telling me there was a reason they let him and go, and I talked about the intangables of a player, such as, once Olerud was hurt, the Yankees started to lose, and they haven't been the same since. Plus, picking him up to a minor league contract saves a ton of money. If he goes back to pro quality, we picked him up for a steal, and if he doesn't, no great loss. It's a total win-win.
So my uncle Steve asks me for my sports page. I go to my car and get it for him, then realize it's Sunday's paper and today is Tuesday. He says that's okay. I get onto my motorbike (which is what my car randomly turned into) and start to head to my parents home. My MeeMaw meets me at the street and kisses me goodbye and asks if I know which way to go. My parents actually live very close to my grandmother's old place, the basic directions are turn either left or right, drive down the street either 2-3 lights or 5-6 lights, then turn the opposite way, and drive halfway down that street...well, it doesn't matter. The basic point is driving directions are simple, and it's an easy trip. I would normally turn left because it's slightly shorter and there are fewer lights, but the traffic is bad enough for some reason to warrent my turning right, which I suspect is why my grandmother is asking me if I know how to drive. I assure her I do, kiss her and turn right.
I drive to the light and turn left. Somewhere along this street (which for anyone monitoring my dreams is the street on which I met you know who...little hint, he's 6'6", scruffy and blue.) the roads turn icy and then suddenly I'm walking. I cross under the freeway (The Watterson Expw. I-264) and cross the street (very carefully). I walk up Gardner Lane towards my parents house. On the way, I meet up with two female friends (unknown in real life) and they start bragging about their newest electronics. I point out that I'm still uninterested in upgrading because I don't have a desired upgrade path. Then we're walking past this professor's office (because the street has turned into a corridor with offices where the houses would be), and there's an incredible Palm IIIc. The machine is in excellent condition, with a silver case and a doublewide base that does something else besides sync and charge. It's got a built in screen and I take one look and start thinking about changing my direction. So I ask the professor if he uses it. "Nope." he said.
"Do you want to?" I ask.
"Nope." he replies.
"Can I have it?" I ask.
"Nope." he replies.
"I didn't mean to just take it, I meant can I buy it from you?" I clarify.
"Oh," he says, "yes."
"How much do you want for it?"
"I paid 209$ when I got it, plus shipping, so $220 would be what I want."
I assure him I'll think about it and walk off with the two girls. They ask what I think. I said, "Well, really 220$s too high for that. It's just not worth it. It's an obsolete model with no upgrade path. Really, no more than 100$ and probably closer to 50$ would be about right. But..."
"But, " they prompt.
"But, I'm interested. And if price is a determination of what the market will bear, then $220 is reasonable and I have to ask myself if I'm 220$ worth of interested. And the answer is, 'I don't know.' I have to think about it."

Elements from my dream that are real:
John Olerud signed a minor-league contract with the Red Sox yesterday. And he was released from the Yankees at some point prior. And they stopped winning after he was injured in the ALCS. Any conclusions dream me may have drawn from this are purely subjective.
All geography is real, except for the part where the street turns into a corridor that still looks like the street, but is less icy.
My valuations of the Palm IIIc are right on the money. Same numbers I'd quote you awake.
Elements from my dream that are off:
Table in a parking lot of an apartment complex where my grandmother hasn't lived since I was 14.
A-Rod at said table.
car -> motorbike -> walk
Today is not Tuesday
Today is not icy, even in Boston. Although it might be a bit nippy in Detroit where the Sox are playing.
Someone trying to out-gadget me. Me! Unthinkable! Inconceivable! Male geeks don't try to out gadget me, what chance to these hoity-toity. fashion-plate females have.
Me? "Upgrade" to a Palm IIIc? In what universe does that make sense?
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