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More bad dreams.
In one I got a 200$ parking ticket. 190$ for being parked in a parking space at the wrong time, and 10$ which I never figured out.
The second dream started at Disneyworld. We were there with a bunch of friends. I went wandering around the hotel we were staying in. The hotel had walkways next to pools of water you could swim in. I wanted to go swimming around in one of the hallways, but when I got in, or just before I got in, they started draining them. That was irritating.
Then I was at "Lanna"'s house which was a corner lot near a restaurant with a sideyard (instead of backyard). Weird stuff I'm not comfortable talking about (or even thinking about) was going on and M was running around when Andy came over. In the dream this "Andy" (who was entirely unfamiliar) came over to say hello, and then seemed confused by what was going on. He apologized for interrupting, and I assured it was no problem and sat up and invited him to sit down.
He sat down and we started to talk when Michael (this one I know) came over. Andy got up immediately and left so Michael could join us. I was miffed that he got up, because I think I had a purient interest in him, and said to the world, "Before Michael gets comfortable, is there anyone else who's going to come over and disrupt us, 'causing him to jump up and leave before he gets a sentence out? No? Good."
We got up and went to the restaurant across the street. Lanna was annoyed with Michael because he'd stopped talking to us when he started dating his boyfriend. "So now that they're broken up, he wants us back."
I was philosophical, "Well, all women tend to neglect their friends when they have a new boyfriend. He's just one of the girls."
Michael blushed.
There was some more conversation and then Lanna suggested we go to her house. I was expecting to return to house across the street, but Lanna went to her parents house which was up a couple of blocks. They lived in a heavily wooded area. We went into the kitchen. There was a bunch of people there and many snakes. Lanna was playing with her favorite, a black one. She handed it to Michael with instructions to take it to her mother (who was actually Jill's mom, and also in the other room) who was on the phone with her father (actually Jill's father) so the snake could say hi to "Daddy." Michael got tired of waiting for Lanna's mother to shut up long enough to put the snake on and handed it to me. Unfortunately the snake was at the end of patience with being held and started to hiss and snap at me. I put it down hastilly (although I don't think I dropped it). It snarled and hissed whenever it caught sight of me and if I got too close to it, would snap at me. All the while Lanna is telling me what a friendly snake he is and that he'll forget about being angry soon enough. Lanna called me over to look at something on the table and the snake shot me with a quill or something. I extracted said quill and my hand started to bleed. I showed the bleeding thing to Lanna who clucked over it. The snake started to attack me and I held it's head away from me so it couldn't bite me. Unfortunately I didn't notice that the quills shoot from the sides of it's head, so I ended up with two hands full of quills. It hurt. Lanna started extracting the quills. Then I woke up.
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