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Another restless night

Lots of tossing and turning. There was one cool thing in my dream through.

I was on a plane trip to Israel with my friend Michael (oddly enough, not the same one from last night.) The plane was small. It was piloted by a bald blue guy with odd white marking in the same of an X on his face. His name was Obo.
The construction of the plane was bus like in that Obo sat where the bus driver would sit, and the door on was opposite him. Michael and I sat behind him and had a great view out both the side and front of plane. It was at a small airport and took off from a one-way street, instead an actual runway. Before he took off, he stood up to face us and shouted, "What's my name?" We were unsure how to answer (although of course we knew who he was, don't know why). He continued shouting that at us. Someone echoed him back at one point and finally, someone started singing happy birthday to him. I don't know if it was his birthday or not, it struck me as odd that it would be since we'd just come from somewhere else celebrating someone else's birthday (but I've forgotten that part of the dream). He took his seat.
I debated about whether I should buckle in or not, but then I thought with the runway like it was, I might be greatful for the seatbelt so I fastened it. He drove the plane down the runway. There were some hills and valleys (not big, but noticable) in the road. We went down into the first dip, and then came up, but instead of going back down, we stayed in the air. Then we banged against the top of the tunnel we were in. We scraped against the tunnel for a minute until I ended, then I woke up.
I just like the idea of a plane that gets caught by the tunnel. Very odd.

Yesterday was apparently a good day for job searchers.
My V key is sticking and I find it irritating.
Edit: Hurray! My sysadmin brought me a new keyboard! Cheers for the sysadmin!!
For some reason, I've been all about migraines this week. It's irritating.
Tags: dream, electronics, work

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