June 23rd, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

so after all that

The party was a huge success. I spent the morning running around getting copies of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps." I now have 5 versions, although I'm giving one away. Hoppie even woke up early. His dad must have scared him into it. We arrived early. The rain was miserable and the only drawback was that the room they picked for us to change into wasn't contiguous (there's that word again) to the main building so we had to wander out into the rain. Thankfully, I didn't get much water on the dress. Still, I had fixed my hair at home and put on my veil and bun wrap (see previous for hair/veil anxiety) so I was wondering around with that on. At least it made it obvious who was the bride....
I put my hair into a topknot because I couldn't get a bun to stay right. I figure it's because I usually wear it lower and just couldn't get it work on top of my head instead of on the back. Oh, who knows. The topknot was fine, if a little quirky.
Did I mention the party was great fun? Time passed very quickly and I did get to circulate a bit.
And pictures are here.
Fairytale Princess Amy

How to get yourself off my good side

I realize I may have some anger issues, but here's today's little hint:
If you're going to diss me, don't do it by first telling me what a great friend I am. If I was such a great friend, or maybe if you were, you wouldn't treat me like this.
Either way, it's my fault for letting it go this long. What's that saying, only a psychotic expects a different result everytime he hits himself on the head? Something like that. Sometimes, I just don't know why I bother.
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