July 14th, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

Hoppie's family, Moxiefest, Rocker's mom, and Harry Potter: Chapter 3

What to talk about first? Well, hoppie's uncle and aunt Sam and Sandy (Sam of the website wedding videos) were in town and so we went to a picnic at hoppie's parents and spent time with them. Amazingly enough, I did not get bit to within an inch of my life even though I was outside much of the time. They had some great stories about living in NM.
We went to Medieval Moxiefest in Lisbon Falls, ME on Sunday. Most of the cool stuff was Saturday, but we did get to see the catapult thing shooting water ballons, a bit of archery, and we got to try moxie ice cream. I think it's a pretty simple recipe, custard ice cream base, with either equal amounts moxie and vanilla or moxie in place of vanilla. I may try it at home. If I do, I'll let you know how it comes out.
Aftewards, we went over to rocker's mom's house. She lives somewhat nearby. Meeting rocker's mom was great. She's delightfully talkative and told us all sorts of stories about rocker and Chuck. Hee hee! Rocker's stepdad is a good natured guy too and devoted to rocker's mom.
Which brings us to Collapse )
At week three, which is about a month after Harry Potter was released, hoppie's sister has started chomping at the bit for me to finish. She's not going to make it till March, even if I do.