July 28th, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

Weekend etc.

I barely remember what happened over the weekened. Lets see, I never did end up cleaning really. Not alot.
I did buy lots of groceries.
We saw League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Collapse )
Rocker set up our wedding present. He laid a rug down in the dining room and placed a wood and marble pedestal on it. He flanked it with two triple floor lamps with cobalt blue shades (I'm not describing this well. I'll take a picture.) and set next to it (he wasn't comfortable hanging it) a shattered perspective poster in a handsome frame.

And Sunday we had Lori's birthday party. That was damned fun, even if I did end up with a bruised jaw. We went candlepin bowling and I seen some friends (techncially of Lori's but I miss 'em like they was mine) I ain't seen for a long time.

And now the moment we all wait faithfully for every week, the next chapter in Collapse )