August 14th, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

Dreams and others

I woke up exhausted today. I don't remember much of my dreams, although there was alot to them, all I really remember is watching something like an Officespace Circus with the character from Office Space working at a circus. And then when I turned around, Gary Cole was sitting on the couch talking to hoppie. So I said that hoppie had never seen Office Space, and GC told me that he wasn't really in the mood to watch it. I asked him if he was uncomfortable watching himself and he said that no, it was the greatest thrill to watch himself come alive again on the screen. That's all I really remember.
Right now I feel
[MLH interrupt: 3040,
really nauseous (I swear it's unrelated), and my eye and jaw hurt.
I just keep repeating to myself, "The sky is blue, and all the leaves are green./My heart's as full as a baked potato./I think you know exactly what I am/When I say it's a..."

(and while i was looking up the spelling of shpadoinkle, I came across this)
what Cannibal! The Musical character are YOU??