August 19th, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

Office Dress Codes

Well, I've decided it isn't a double standard, it's for everyone's protection. I just saw one of my sorta former managers in a tank top. He's....distracting in a tank top. He's apparently quite buff. I feel like burning out my eyes. I have no desire to know that about him. I have no desire to look at him with anything beyond respect for his work, his style and his ethics. Maybe I will burn my eyes out.
MLH was in the cafeteria when I was getting some water. He barely even said hello and only that after I said hi to him. Sure, it's okay to camp out in my office and make me listen to his woes of the weekend, but it's not okay to be civil in the caf? GRRRrrrrr. I hope his kids get their socialization skills from their mother. Of course, for all I know, he stumbled across my lj yesterday and recognized himself.
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I was watching "Monk and the Playboy" last night and it featured the ever-delicious Gary Cole in a role that was a cross between Uncle Bill from Family Affair and Lucas Buck from American Gothic (with the supernatural element replaced by technology), and I decided he's my very ideal. I shall pattern Frank after him. If I can remember long enough. Of course by the time Molly recovers, I'll have almost certainly forgotten. But we'll always have last night!