August 22nd, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

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The boss is in his usual mood,
Not one thing does he approve.
Sometimes you can't keep him satisfied.

Up and down the assembly line,
Worried faces just like mine.
Showing the wear and tear in their eyes.

They're making it hard on the workin' man,
Trying to make a livin' any way he can....
Heaven help him if you think you can,
They're making it hard on the workin' man.

Okay, it's an exaggeration. There aren't any faces here yet, and I wouldn't see them if there were. Because I work in a box.
TGIF! I just wish I could hole up and read, lj and avoid people this weekend.

Thanks for keeping me company snagglepuss2. Much appreciated even if it didn't make me tired.
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