September 2nd, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

Musical mayhem

Idea stolen from misspadfootwho got it from leujin
My name in descriptive song
M - "Maggie May" - Rod Stewart
D - "Delirious" - Prince
Y - "You Don't Love Me Anymore" - Weird Al
E - "End of the Innocence" -Don Henley
S - "Spooky" - Cycle V
O - "On and On (About you) - Bowling for Soup
W - "Witch Queen of New Orleans" - Redbone
I - "I Melt with You" - Modern English
T - "Temptation" - Destiny's Child
C - Chrysanthemum Tea - Pacific Overtures
H - "How Soon is Now?" - The Cure
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    Original Cast Recording - Welcome to Kanagawa
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Fairytale Princess Amy


I'm now tied for my record. If I don't break down and read the entire book next week (the 11th week since I got my hot little hands on the book), I will beat my record. I know my loyal fan base is torn between wanting me to succeed in my personal goal, and wanting me to get the hell finished with the book, so we can talk about it damnit. I just want to thank you for your continued support and patience.
Did I mention that hoppie thinks I should skip the week that we're at Disney just so I can be back in sync from when I doubled up chapters a few weeks back?
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