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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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November 3rd, 2003

07:14 pm - There are many quizzes and stuff that I missed.
Why my livejournal is annoyingCollapse )
How you can tell I'm a child of the 80sCollapse )
This time I'm a Ravenclaw, but Frank would be pleased.Collapse )
80s generation againCollapse )
Endless abdicationCollapse )
My musical instrument. Wayne would be so proudCollapse )
The map, like people need it.Collapse )
My cat colorCollapse )
I seem to be running a fever. That means I should probably go home.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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07:47 pm - Status
I've hotsynced my Disney notes, but I haven't posted them here yet. Tomorrow for sure. I'm through labling nearly a day of our pictures. Many of them are blurry, so I'll have to discuss with hoppie the quality level we hope to achieve in our album. Also looking at blurry pictures with a fever really achieves high levels of dizziness. I'll have to sit quietly for a bit before I drive home.
Current Mood: dizzy

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