November 13th, 2003

A general Sluggy "blek"

Nobody throw me anything. My girlfriend put a curse on my mitt.

Something is definitely wrong around here today.
Went to the ATM to deposit a check. Opened the door with my atm card. Got inside.Got a deposit slip, Got out the check. No ATM card. I look eveywhere. I raid my purse. (oooh! another check! Must deposit that too.) Can'd find it. Peer into the trash, look outside on the path in. Walk to the car. Look in the car. Nothing. I finally deposit it with my other ATM card for my second account.
Leave to head back to the car, contemplating cancelling it on the way to work instead of waiting until I arrive at work, and there it is on the path. No cover, just the card lying nearly in the exact middle of the path, maybe slightly to the right side, (which would have been the hand I was holding it on the way in.)
So I go to work, thinking the whole time, "should I cancel?/should I not cancel?" Trying to remember if anyone stopped on the path and might have dropped it there to make me think I'd dropped it there. But no one was near me in the booth when I was there, even though a few people came in or out. Probably it just dropped, right?
So on the way in, I pass da boss heading up to the main building, and that's wierd too, but not the point of the story.
So I get in and I tell Marsha what happened. She calms down, reminds me it's windy and nasty, it probably just blew down the path. It wasn't really long enough to make a copy of it of, etc. I go sit down at my desk. Two minutes later, she comes over with the missing cover for my ATM card which was outside her office.
So I've decided that today is cursed. I probably need to go cut the head off a live rooster to take the curse off.
So nobody throw me anything until I can get my hands on one.
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