November 26th, 2003

Fairytale Princess Amy

Some musings on work

I'm slowly coming to some realizations at work.
  1. I seem to get more work done in reports meetings than I do in my office because people keep bothering me!

  2. Other people are more efficient and more interested in my productivity than my boss.
    • When I complained that my productivity dropped like a stone from the moment MLH entered the buliding, Rick suggested I request a different office.

    • When I said I was low on disk space, Bill (in development) found me an unused disk to drop into my system.

    • When Paul was picking up a better client version of some software we used, I said I was interested in getting it also, and he got it for me.

    The first item, I haven't asked for yet, but I don't have high hopes for it, because I've asked for 2, and 3 before (well, actually Elaine asked for 3 repeatedly) and been soundly denied. What can I honestly say to my boss when she asks what she can do to make us sucessful? Get your thumb out of your ass and do what you can to fulfill our requests instead of fobbing us off with excuses that amount to little more than "I would prefer that no one notice me because they won't know how little I actually do," except that if you were doing for us, you WOULD be doing something! Of course there's always the option that she doesn't actually want to do anything except nitpick.

  3. I like my coworkers and generally speaking, they like me. This is not something that should be news to me, but when Bill came by last week with news that he'd located a disk drive for me, MLH was positively green with envy. Thinking more about that, I have no doubt that if MLH had ever mentioned in Bill's hearing that he needed one, Bill would have kept it in mind when he found one, but MLH doesn't actually talk with people socially and he seldom admits that he needs something or that he isn't living the best of all possible worlds.

So that's work.
Chicago was great fun. It's so fabulous spending time with my family. I didn't get to see any friends, which is annoying as one of them just had a baby, and she's been blowing me off regularly since shortly before I got married (not sure if there's a corrolation, but I think there is and since she's still blowing me off, I have no actual data to tell me differently. Whatever.) Anyway, Molly did a great job, and everyone is well. I have some post-party pictures up (or maybe I didn't since I can't seem to find them).
No Harry Potter from this past weekend, I'm trying to get back on schedule. I'll probably read this weekend, and not read xmas and then be back on target for March.
Edit: Also, it's difficult to update lj from the palm client. Too small to take it all in.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

Not well

I have a persistant image of myself sitting down on my knees with my arms tied behind my back and a blindfold on. It feels good. Blissfully low to the ground and no light.