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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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December 3rd, 2003

09:23 am - They're all dead, Dave
My Inner SueCollapse )
A comment or two on things that bother me:
My own inability to grasp simple concepts like "THE VOB IS LOCKED!". If someone unlocks a different VOB, it doesn't mean I can check in my work, BECAUSE THE VOB I WANT IS STILL LOCKED!. Is that clear enough for you, dear, or do I need to tattoo it on your hand?
Honestly. How I can I work with these people.
Also, I bring this up from time to time, and it comes up again today: Yes, I like having an open architecture. It's very nice. Now make up your fucking mind on a single way to tell the users to do something! One! Count 'em one! Freedom of choice is fine, great even, but documenting 30 ways out of 300 to do something doesn't help anyone. Better to document 1 (count 'em one!) way to do it, and tell then there are 299 other options should they feel like exploring.
It's my honor to serve.
Current Mood: making it up as I go along
Current Music: The Mommas and Poppas - "I Saw Her Again Last Night"
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