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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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February 4th, 2004

10:55 am
The Talmud implies (I actually think it states, but as I can't remember where, lets just go with "implies") that the Big Doer of Things deliberately shows you things as a time and place to help you learn. For instance, he puts your around obnoxious people who intensify your traits so you can see and correct yourself.
My belief in this idea gets me into more trouble.
Example, disgression, anecdote...choose your own titleCollapse )
Today I get my Chofetz Chaim mail discussing how to avoid being two-faced. (CC was a guy who was famous for indulging only in correct speech, and he has many books on the subject of not slandering people, and not insulting them, and stuf. As you know, Constant Reader, I need a lot of help in that regard, so I'm on a daily list that feeds me good conduct advice.)...
I have go to to my meeting, but the manager isn't there yet because he's talking outside my office, but I should still finish this later.

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12:55 pm
My inner heroCollapse )
Work suddenly kicked back into high gear. I'll muse later.
Some topics:

  • the odd dreams I had last night like the one where my other sister-in-law was taking care of a baby, or the one where Rick went through the reports guide and noticed all this missing information and asked me what I'd been doing instead of documenting his product, and the one where I tried to figure out what we should do on Sunday

  • Valentine's day quiche and the nature of love

  • two-facedness (still on my mind)

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07:15 pm - Oh, and on the subject of "Go me!"
My friend got the job I mentioned yesterday.
Go us!
PS: I'm a little irritated that fangirl has slipped into my vocabulary. I blame ya'll, and if you don't take the blame graciously, I will name names.
Current Mood: ditzyditzy

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