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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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February 17th, 2004

10:29 am
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So Valentine's day. I made hoppie a nice dinner on Saturday night. Sunday morning I made breakfast, and then we went off to his parents. Heather is very steady on her feet now, not walking yet, but crawling well and pulling herself up brilliantly.
Monday, in case you were wondering where I was, Hoppie and I went to the cape and wandered. Rodney's on the cape is closed (although they apparently have a new Brookline store). But we did find a number of things in our wanderings like the Edward Gorey house (museum) which is currently closed, and right near there a bizarre bookstore run by two men, one of whom reminds me of my dear departed Great Uncle, a man of great flamboyance and vitality. He created an instant adversarial relationship with hoppie. He doesn't like republicans. Even if they look like long-haired hippy freaks. 8-) We got about 15 books, all types including a couple of philosophy books, a couple of children's books, a couple of cooking books, including Rodney Dangerfield's. Who ever heard of such a thing?! It was a good time. Relaxing and fun.
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05:31 pm - Missed it by that much...
The release date on Well of Lost Plots is February 2004. Doesn't that mean the book should have come out in January? *grumbles* But B&N doesn't have it yet. It seems silly to spend 22$ ordering the paperback from Britain when for not too much longer, I can get the hardcover for 17$ (which seems like a great deal by comparison). The B&N near hoppie was willing to order it for me (by which they mean reserve a copy when they finally come in, and best of all, call me when it's in.) but the one in Nashua (beautiful tax-free NH) isn't. So the debate. Do I wait? Of course. Do I order or wait? Not sure. *sigh* It is only 85 cents. (I think. Does someone want to check my Mass math?) and with the B&N card, It will actually be less than 16.57$ including tax.
I think I've finally tipped into utter nutliness.
Edit: Hoppie says I call Nashua every day until they decide that they'd rather have me order it and call me when it comes in than have to deal with me on the phone any longer. If it comes in before that happens, then I'm open to buy it either place! Woo hoo!
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06:54 pm - Another pointless meme
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