March 2nd, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

There's gonna be a party.

So I cast my ballot for John. Oh, you mean there's more than one? Oh dear. Now which one did I pick? Doesn't matter. A John's a John, right? And all Johns are democrats. That's my brilliant political summation of the day. Keyboard still hasn't reappeared, darn it. So I bought a new one yesterday. It should be here Thursday. I still keep hoping it will magically appear somewhere like my car, or my office underneath something, but no such luck.
I feel very at loose ends without it. Like emasculated. I never thought of a keyboard in such Freudian lights before.
Saw Return of the King last night with Rocker, but as I came in different car, I didn't get to hear his impressions. I thought I'd posted my initial impressions ages ago, but checking back, I see that I didn't. I shall do so Collapse )
And that's all for this edition of the Sean Bean drooling squad.