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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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March 8th, 2004

06:30 am - G-d is a meanie
On my interpersonal/biological relationship to The Big Dude. Feel free to skip. (Besides, we've all pretty much seen this rant before. I'd private it, but honestly, I don't care that much and if it gives Timothy something to laugh at (and I think it might) more power to him.Collapse )
Also, we picked up Rien's snow. Something else which is unreasonable and unacceptable.
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12:29 pm - Random quizillas/memes (sorry for the lack of attribution. I don't remember anymore)
I always thought of myself as more the Stark typeCollapse )
Not the garden but the stoneCollapse )
The EnforcerCollapse )
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