March 18th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

Defining the project

Well, we have just passed the middle of the month. It's less than 30 days until I've been married a year. And I have no idea what to get him.
While money is not object in theory, in princible, I am somewhat limited. For instance, I would dearly love to get him a pinball, but the ones he likes are in the 2K range, and that is beyond the scope of my abilities.
Other than that I'm open to suggestion.
He likes music, t-shirts, and gardening.
He has a Sony Clié and not much interest in owning additional gadgets, (beyond the vastly enlarged TiVo, but I don't think I can justify having Chip upgrade ours as an anniversary present.)
There was a pretty nifty looking pin for 800$ semi-mechanical, and he might like that. I don't know.
But I'm definitely open to suggestions. Please help!
(I can't even make this a poll because I haven't got any ideas. *whine*)
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