March 29th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

The injustice of phones

So why, in this internet era do we still need phones? I have an account with the online version of my daily newspaper (the Boston Herald, yes, I read that tabloid trash) and one would think I would be able to stop paper delivery through their website. They have an automated phone system for when putting a stop delivery on a paper and there's no better authentication there than I would have online. Maybe there's better because at least online, I had to set up an account with a credit card to back it up. (another irritation. Lets don't go there.)
But I think I might have figured out the post office's problem. Mozilla may not be playing nice. Let me try it again in IE. Of course it coudln't tell me, "can't display in your browser." That would have been too easy. Actually, it doesn't display in IE either. I shall probably have to sneak out at lunch or maybe tomorrow morning and put the stop mail on.
It's enough to make an honest man cry.
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