April 10th, 2004

Penfold downcast

My opening line might be a bit passe

But don't think that I don't know,
What you're doing to me,
'cause I got a vibe on you,
The first time you saw through me.

And afterwards:
I can't promise to make any sense. I'm heavily doped up on pain killers. Nothing extreme. Just a whole lot of excedrin, but it's left me feeling a bit muzzy, which hoppie doesn't understand. He think muzzy runs a Ford dealership on the auto mile. I think that's supposed to be funny.
I think I had something profound to say. I almost remember it. So far I'm liking Well of Lost Plots way better than the other two. I wanted to remember to tell Char that because.
I don't remember why.
But we just called him Fred.
I remember thinking I wanted to discuss Bissli. That beloved (by me and Israelis everywhere) but reviled by most civilized people. I only like the BBQ. There are many other flavours. All disgusting. I forget why I thought that was important to mention.
I think I'll go watch Kim Possible now with hoppie.
Peace out,