April 29th, 2004

Penfold downcast

Incredible missing coworker

So for the second weekly meeting in a row, developer X is missing. The beauty of it is when the boss asks his crew, "Has anyone seen X today?" I like to think if it was me, I'd totally put the smack down, but of course Steph and Cor would tell me I'd be a softy. One of the developers who did show up is asking questions he already knows the answers to. "Can I do really complicated stuff or do I have to do a basic install?" Basic. Very Basic. Do not explore your options.
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15 minutes later

DevX has just wandered in laptop in hand. Part of me would like to be generous and think he's returning from lunch, but, nah, I doubt it. At least he came in silently, unlike when MLH is late to meetings. We were just discussing MLH actually, deviations from THE PLAN.
IHNJH IJLS This is called a TV guide. Without it, you're just clicking -Dogbert
Edit: Okay, to be fair, he did state that he had a family related emergency that caused him to miss the meeting, but, I dunno, I think I phone call is in order. Or an email. "Gotta run. Emergency. Bye!" Maybe it's just me. It came up because he was whinging about how another developer (currently out of the country) hasn't made time to tell him how this program they're using for development is being used by another group in the company. And Boss is like "well, he was here last week...."