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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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May 17th, 2004

10:25 am - Congratulations all around
We're changing the state slogan from "Massachussets make it yours" to "Get Married in Massachussets," which I actually like significantly better and we didn't have to pay 30,000$ for it either, just court costs, and marriage licenses, and a lot of love. I hope this will be remembered as a turning point for acceptance and recognition of who people are and how they choose to live.
I was reminded again this weekend how much I love baseball. The feel of it, the excitement, the anticipation. I was out and about running errands on Sunday listening to baseball on the radio, and it's just so...exhilerating. The battle. Pitcher, catcher, and batter locked in a dead heat of strategy and power. A lifetime of decisions compressed into seconds. The signals which we, like the batter can't see. What did he call? Can the pitcher deliver. Will if work if he does, what if it hangs just a bit, and the windup, or the shortened windup, set and deal, and the reaction. I never understood how people can say it's boring, it's exhausting. The waiting kills you. The balls hangs just a second too long, drops just a second two soon and it's a whole new ballgame. In A View to a Kill Max Zorin says, "I'm happiest, in the saddle." I'm happiest in the season. And if I may quote Annie Savoy "Day in, day out, nothing feeds the soul like the church of baseball."

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01:13 pm - Random quizzes
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05:34 pm - First a witch, then a child, then a prince, than a moment, who can live in the woods?
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and I'm out.
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