June 14th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

Harry Potter: POA

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Afterwards we played Encore. It's a "board" game. You move your piece on the board and land on one of a number of colors and are giving a corresponding word or category. Your team than switches off with the other team to name songs that contain that word or fall into that category (like "rain" and "songs about love") Last time to correctly state a song within the 30 seconds allotted wins and takes the next turn. The final challenge is to do all the items on a card within 30 seconds, which we couldn't do. We ended up expanding to 60.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Contract Negotiations

solies: So why haven't you yelled at me yet?
Me: About what? What did you do?
Solies: Me? Oh, nothing. (starts to back away.)
Me: Oh, I see. You're wondering why I haven't yelled about you not posting this weekend, despite the fact that I saw you online Saturday night and know you were well capable of geniune solies magic.
Solies: ...
Me: Well, I've thought about it, and I realize my expecatations aren't entirely reasonable. I mean you work hard, you expend a lot of creative energy to keep me happy, and I think it's right and reasonable that you be permitted one weekend off a month.
Solies: Wow, that's jolly decent of you.
Me: Thank you. Of course, any additional slack time will have to come out of your pay...
Solies: Well, that's only fai...hey! I don't get paid...
Me: So you can easily imagine the financial impact of getting paid even less, can't you? Don't you have a car to keep running? Those expensive petrol bills. You can't afford to slack off, my friend. Wayne is watching. Now, back to work before I summon my mountain lions. They're getting quite good with their tasers.
Solies: Yip.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

rhapsody on pink

I found the perfect cheque writing pen at the dollar store in Gardiner. I found it when we saw Shrek 2, and I have to say I didn't recognize it for what it was. It was there, in a two pack with another pen of exquisite colour, (which I have since given away.) These pens are twins of gazelle, like two pomegranates with rosy hue. Well, one of them has rosy hue anyway, it's pink. (in best female computer voice) "It's the perfect cheque writing pen, age 15-25"*
It bares the innocuous moniker, "Neon Rollerball Pens" on the label. The description too is innocuous:
2 Pack
Super Smooth Ink Flow
0.7mm Point
Pen Color Indicates Ink Color
And what a color it is! It hurts my eyes to look at it. It's intense. But it's got pressure, force, so when I write cheques, not only are the cheques unreadable to the unshielded eye, but the carbons I keep of the cheques are crystal clear. How many pens can produce that sort of perfect dual effect? Mmmm, this is a great time to be alive!

*Does anyone else remember the movie Looker. I was hooked on that movie for a summer when it was some or other of the movie channels, HBO, I think.