June 29th, 2004

Penfold downcast

I know, I still have recap work to do, but how about a brief interruption for a poll?

A tiny bit of backstory.
We agreed when we started going to blinkymadison's 4th of July party we would switch off years between Rockport and their house. This is technically a Blinky year, but last year, we split up so I didn't go to Rockport....which leads us to this:

Poll #314340 BoredOnThe4thofJuly

Where should hoppie and I go on the 4th of July?

Rockport for the fireman's parade and bonfire. Heather is so cute and you didn't go last year.
Blinky and Mrs. Blinky's because it's always wicked fun and hoppie didn't go last year.
Divide and conquer. Then hoppie gets his Tshirt and I get to play with my coworkers.
Skip them both and sleep on the new bed. MMMM, new bed.

Suggestions are accepted, but I don't think we're planning on leaving town (meaning more than 1 hour's drive), no matter what the inducement.

A general Sluggy "blek"

Her every utterance is chore attached

So closing out the backlog, I slept horribly Sunday night even though I was very tired. Woke up at 5 and went back to doing laundry, because that's apparently what you do when you get up at 5. Around 7:30 or so, I went back upstairs, unloaded more laundry onto the other bed (which is current holding pen until we get the dressers on Friday) and returned to the delightful duty of unpacking boxes. As of today there are three left. Working at a steady clip in the morning, I can finish the boxes off tomorrow and have Thursday morning to clean up the nightstands, collect the stuff that isn't in boxes and be ready to disassemble the bed Friday morning and vaccum before they come to deliver stuff. I already have a sheets, blankets, etc. ready to go when the bed arrives so that's taken care of.
Then a bunch of annoying stuff happened until lunch. I went out to lunch with lain_mac and D and I. We went to Pho 88 where we taught the kids bad table manners like the affect of stopping a straw with your finger and how to blow bubbles in your water. The kids ate decently well and used the chopsticks mostly for eating and only a little for banging. That's pretty impressive. D let me carry her around, which was sweet and gave Elaine a bit of a break. I imagine her arms are feeling pretty well stretched.
Then we went to the post office where I mailed off my Palm to IRQ and he's going to try to fix the speaker. I'm using hoppie's palm meantime. I can't believe how many people tell me how much they like "your new palm." Feh. I'm like Johnny Smith in last week's The Dead Zone: "That's not my Palm." Rick said to me at the end of the reports meeting how much better he likes it than my old one.
I said, "That makes one of us. I was just about to mention that my notes for today suck because I can't write as fast with this new graffiti and it's hard to use the keyboard." He suggested I try using the stylus to type with the keyboard and see if that helps.
Just tested that. That sucks. The keys are rounded so you have to apply quite a bit of directed force, otherwise the stylus just sort slides down the key. So there goes my idea of typing by chopsticks.
Darn. I just remembered I need to desposit a check. *adds that to the list of things to do this afternoon*.