July 1st, 2004

Drakken pout

The art of compromise

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but I like it anyway.
Me: So we finally have a decision on this weekend. Hoppie and I are compromising.
Solies: Huh?
Me: Hoppie's boss is going to Rockport with his family, so we'll go to Rockport this year, but next year, we'll go to blinkymadison's.
Solies: But wasn't that the original deal anyway? Isn't your compromise to do the exact thing you'd started off doing?
Blinky: If that's compromising, what's utter capitulation?
Me: But hoppie has promised to forget this conversation entirely by next year.
Solies: Ah, so you'll be blogging this, then.
Blinky: Tell hoppie I hate him until next year.

And another snippet of my life
Robert: How can you remember all that stuff from the meeting without writing it down.
Me: Exactly!
Robert: But you were playing games! I saw you!
Me: But I was paying attention and I took notes where appropriate.
Robert: (is awed)
And while I'm on the subject of Robert, I would like to repost this from snagglepuss2's journal. I wrote it in a comment, but I feel like the locals are missing out without it.
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