July 12th, 2004

Zoe devil

Cute typo of last week

Sorry, I was asleep at the wheel (and utterly consumed with work) and didn't get this out on time. I apologize for your wait, pain, and suffering (especially related to the agony of the typo, but also for unrelated pain.). Here we go:
Edit: I'm going to back to my original style where I define the typo. However I'm changing it up in that I'll define it after I use it in a sentence. Give me some time, I'll get the perfect form yet.
Lucas falls to his knees, as if death himself has waltzed in by my side, scythe raised and waiting for the futile beg of merdy.
mer*dy (noun): a British variant on "mendicant". A person who makes his living by begging for alms.
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Proforma query

Gacked from elyciel who had it from divabat.
Go to my userinfo, pick one person from my friendslist you're curious about, post a comment with their username, and I will tell you about them.
There were no provisions made for asking about yourself so I assume that's legal, albeit quirky and vain.
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