July 15th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

I live to serve

Yes, I live to serve, but I can't be at your beck and call, 24/7. I apologize for taking more than 30 seconds to notice your AIM and I appreciate that when I told you I was working, you immediately signed off to prevent any further disruptions to my schedule, but I was not trying to be mean or caustic. I just didn't see the need for you to freak out like you always do everytime it takes me any amount of time to reply to you. Now, of course, I have to feel guilty, as if I said something that indicated that my time was more valuable than yours. I wish I was a guy. They don't feel guilt.
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Okay, that had less to do with The Manchurian Candidate and more to do with the fact that President Kennedy had a weakness for spy thrillers. (Not everybody does it! But everybody should!)
Nat is walking unaided now. I can't believe how much I'm missing.
Screw hoppie. I'm going home for Rosh Hashana. If he wants to stay here, let him. I do NOT feel guilty about this.
Okay, I feel guilty, but that's not going to stop me.
Actually I was thinking of checking my vacation time to see if I could spend a week down there.
Maybe if I spend a week down there and tell my parents I'm going to, they will do something sensible that doesn't involve coming up in October, also known as the busiest freaking month of the year.
Edit: And since I've just sent my boss to find out how much vacation time I have, I shall now have to immerse myself in looking busy.
Fairytale Princess Amy

More on the subject of vacation time

Me: solies, when you're free, I need you be a math major for me.
Time passes.
Solies: chatters to other people, eventually works his way around to me. Stands there looking at me.
Me: Have you come to be mathly?
Solies: Yes. Yes, I have.
Me: Have a seat. (Solies sits) If the slope of vacation time accrues at a constant rate multiplied by pi R squared, and I already have a smidgeon of boysenberry, can I go home for a week?
Solies: How big of a smidgeon?
Me: See for yourself!
Solies: It's a very uneven smidgeon...
Me: Are you saying you can't do it?
Solies: Sheesh, you're impatient! Just give me a minute...(busily calculating)
Time passes.
Solies: Yes, you can go home for a week and a half, minus 10 minutes!
Me: quizzical look
Solies: It's your 10 minutes don't look at me.
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