July 19th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

But how does Jim Norton feel about Jim Norton?

I forgot the cute typo of last week, again. I think I'll have to make a palm reminder of it.
epi*dose. n - an overly dramatic single instance of a television series. She was Michille Rivas in Monk, and played Anita/Nicholas in the Dead Zone epidose Misbegotten.
Thank you to all contributers, as always.
Fairytale Princess Amy


So we set out from the house nice and early, after a late night at Rocker's. Hoppie, of course, slave to TiVo that he is, had to spend Quality Time fixing TiVo so we wouldn't lose anything, so instead he lost some sleep.
Anyway, I woke up early and read my lj trying desperate to catch up with the bloggers of blogathon2004. I didn't even get halfway through the night before it was time to go. Hoppie planned a route that minimized the Mass Pike connection while maximizing speed. Collapse )
So we took a nice tour of the campus when we got there because hoppie refused to believe that the numbers on the map corresponded to the parking lots, he thought they corresponded to the Quads, but when we got to the quads, we quickly realized that was incorrect. It's a nice campus. Very attractive. We parked in parking lot B and found our way quickly into the Student Union. We signed in and bought a set of Tshirts (one for each of us). While hoppie was finishing his registration, one of the women at the booth next to the registration desk talked me into buying some of her anime fanart, and that was cool. And then went off to try to find the thing that apparently ended at 12 instead of starting at 12. That was a little disappointing, but we headed back to the student union after stopping for a moment at one of the gaming rooms to watch some "Dance Dance Revolution". Once in the student union, we headed for the exhibition floor. We saw the Sluggy Freelance booth, but didn't see Pete at it. I also didn't see the shot glasses, but I imagine those sold out quickly. We cycled back around to find this Tshirt hoppie had seen the first time through. It was Icabod Crane's headstone. So we bought that and asked about the Scary Go Round booth and they told us that most of the artists were at the front near the registration desk where they'd been moved from a windowless, airless death trap that they'd apparently been stacked like cordwood in before they summoned their last bit of breath for a revolt. We thanked them kindly and headed towards the registration desk. I notice I have two bruises on my arm and I think they showed up around this time because leaving the room by the proper exit (which was into a back corridor that dumped out into the cafeteria) I scraped my arm on something.
So we started at the back of the room and worked out way down the aisle and then we saw him. Sitting with R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties was John Allison. I was very dorky and fangirlly. I brought out my Scare-o-delaria, and RS was amused "She brought her own book."
"No, it's already signed. I'm just bringing it as proof of ID." I opened it to Amy (this icon is based on that picture of Amy) and John smiled and said, "Ah, Marci!" (which was awesomely pleasing.)
I knew what I wanted for my book, but I'd forgotten what Wayne had said he wanted. Before and after our drawings, John was doodling on a piece of paper, but I couldn't quite see what he was doodling. I could tell they were a group of people, but not who. I wondered dimly if he was drawing random people in the crowd as a way to remember them later, but I couldn't quite work up the nerve to ask. Which is ridiculous, because he was very sweet, laughed easily. RS was unquestionably the more comfortable of the two in crowds because he was jocular, amusing, and utterly delightful. I must start reading his comic. Hoppie bought a shirt from him, the "Recycle: Play old Video Games" shirt So having totally frightened JA into thinking he has a stalker, we sat outside in the sun for a few minutes while I gloated over Blame the Sky and we planned our next move. We decided to go the seminar "How to Get Published." We arrived a little early to this tucked away room and weren't sure we were in the right place, but then a couple of other people showed up, and then David Conlin McLeod, one of the authors leading the panel showed up. He has two books that are self published through Traffordand one that's coming soon with a more traditional publisher. I took three pages of notes, which I will include behind a cut tag, but first I wanted to introduce the other two people leading the panel.
Lianne Sentar, a very young Anime/Manga freelancer who works for, among others, Sleepisfortheweek.org. She got her start in fanfiction and then moved into authoring Sailor Moon novels (3-8, for the curious) and some young adult novels.
And the guy who showed up between these two, Leigh Grossman is a professor at UConn., a former editor for Avon Publishing (yes, the romance people! Nifty!) and other stuff.
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Right, so after that we picked up the end of the trivia contest and waited for Michael Coleman and Michael Sinterniklaas to being their seminar on Voice-over acting. I have notes on that too, but first. The trivia contest was hysterical. There were 4 teams of 2 and one guy who seemed to be alone, and the prizes ended up being distributed amoung the audience. It was a crazy scene.
Right then, onto Anime Voice-Acting
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Woof, so that probably would have more notes, except that because Michael had to head back to Canada, it ended on time. Then hoppie and I headed home. We'd not had anything to eat and it was now, 4ish, so it was well past time for me to eat, since, as everyone knows, I come over all headachy without food. Unfortunately, I get really indecisive. I'd just about convinced myself that we'd settle for McDonalds, when we with the CN/MA border and Traveler's Restaurant (Books and Food!) Well, that was an easy choice. We had some lunch (Fish and sweet potato "chips" for me, and black gold steak for hoppie) and browsed a bit. I picked up an 8 romance books for 3$ bundle, and Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man. Hoppie picked up a mystery and an action novel, I think. I also picked up a cookbook, but I can't remember what it's called.
Then we headed back to his parents.
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And that was our Sunday. Any questions?