July 20th, 2004

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So as part of my post-convention activities I followed up with Michael Coleman from the voice acting seminar and R.Stevens of Diesel Sweeties (I still have to mail John, I forgot to do that.) And they both replied back! That was exciting!
Hoppie and I did some registry shopping at Kitchen Etc. last night. It sucks that they're going out of business, so we're trying to pick up the china they have left in our style. It proves that we should have gone two months ago when I had the 20% off total order in the store though, because Bankrupcy court is fixed at 10% off. Oh well, another cost for not doing what I knew I should I should have done when I did it. It won't be the first time this year.
I also got a small Japanese mortar and pestal, (4.38$ Yea me!) and I'm looking forward to seeing to how it compares. I'll make some deviled eggs and let you know. (I grind my own mustard. I'm such a dork. But I think it tastes better freshly ground. As a concession to my sister-in-law I used the milder yellow mustard when I'm making it for an occasion, but for myself, I prefer the black. Much better flavor.)
And we also got (I kid you not), a Black n' Decker cordless grater. What the hell's a cordless grater. Hoppie's like: "It's like calling a wisk a cordless beater!" However in my continuing search for the perfect grater for latkes and potato kugle, I invested in it. It will be awhile before I try it out, but again, I'll let you know. Maybe I'll take it to KY with me. I seem to think RH is a kugel holiday.
Fairytale Princess Amy

The Case of the Truly, Madly Viking

Chief is sitting at his desk, doing paperwork. There is a knock at the door. It opens. Blinky and Solies stick their heads in. They are both carrying paperback novels.
Blinky: You sent for us, Morty?
Chief: Stop calling me that. I'm the chief. Say that. Say "Chief."
Solies: What's up, Chef?
Chief: Close enough. There's a disturbance on the Common. Check it out and report back, and stop eating my candies, Blinky!
Blinky: (covered in chocolate) Morry, Mief.
Solies: Do we get a new squad car?
Chief: No, they fished your last car out of the lake and it's running, so you'll be using that.
Blinky: How come when Steve wrecked his car, he got a new one!
Chief: Because he bought himself a new one. He doesn't work for the department. He doesn't have to answer to the city council for every paperclip he uses. He doesn't have to clean up after subordinates who think duck ponds are suitable parking spaces! (Chief's voice is rising and he's turning red...) He doesn't have...
While the chief's mouth is open, Blinky sticks a chocolate in it, causing the chief to choke. In the confusion...
Solies and Blinky: Solies and Blinky are on the case!
Solies and Blinky break out laughing and make a quick getaway.
It's a beautiful day on the common. Birds are singing. Kids are playing, but as Blinky and Solies approach, they notice the large crowd gathered. They head towards it. They hear the wailing first:
Unseen Wailer: Alas for the sun. Its beats down on my brow. Harken not to the light. It cuts me. It tears me. I long for the temperate moon!
Some spectators notice Blinky and Solies making their way through the crowd and start to swoon, although it could be the heat. Blinky stops to sign autographs as Solies makes his way to the center of the crowd. Solies pushes past a drooling Emma who is so riveted, she doesn't even notice him, to see the wailer, a brawny, bronzed man wearing a viking helmet, a loincloth, and a leather sack with the strap drapped across his manly chest. His muscles glow in the bright sunlight, and his skin glows with dewey persperation. He is kneeling on a sword, obviously his own, driven deep in the ground, a testament to his strength and his suffering. The ornately carved hilt is blinding as it catches the sun on its pristinely polished surface. His face is a portrait in suffering, chiseled, and strong, but obviously tortured. He is still wailing.
Solies: He's a viking?
Blinky: (catches up) Truly?
Solies: (surveying the scene with a critical eye) More "madly," I think.
Blinky and Solies: Hmmmmm.
Freeze frame -- End Act I -- roll commercial