July 25th, 2004

A general Sluggy "blek"

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Odd dreams last night (what little of it I slept. I remember singing "How Da Ya Like Me Now" at some point, I remember being on the Dinosaur ride at Disney World's Animal Kingdom with Jason (support guy from work) and his assistant sitting in the car behind us, getting out every few minutes to fix part of the ride, for part of the dream I was at work. It's all real jumble, another sign of not getting enough sleep.
Woke up and started clearing off the bed for bsheppard and Brian, and washing bedding for them. I probably didn't could have used a different set of sheets, but it's a good excuse to wash stuff. After the sheets are done, I'll go upstairs and finally break down those boxes for Lori.
I think I finally came up with a solution for Book Club that doesn't involve me cleaning, since I didn't do it yesterday. I hid in the bedroom because it was hot and I felt sick and there was airco, so there you go.