July 27th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

Speaking of updates

I forgot to mention the Mortar and Pestal test.
The Japanese mortar and pestal were significantly easier to use on the mustard. It took the application of alot less force to grind the mustard and it went much faster. The downside was, the mustard seeds kept jumping out of the mortar.
Grinding peppercorns in the mortar, however was unimpressive. The whole peppercorns were strongly resistant to the pestal and kept getting lodged in the nooks of the mortar. It's worth noting that peppercorns are larger than mustard, and, I think, harder.
So, my initial results show good for mustard. Bad for pepper.
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Drakken glee

Darn. They cracked my code!

Email from Developer1
so is [this table] as a whole reserved for future development?
Reply from Developer2
I think future development is a spin which allowed Marci to avoid saying: This is yet another useless table which nobody cares about and nobody knows what is used for.
It just sounds sooo much better. Thanks Marci.

It's good to be the king.