August 3rd, 2004

Black Canary

Thinking longingly of the old times

My posts lately have been very depressing. I'm sure the teeming masses are wishing for the old days when I used to bash MLH.
So for some non-angsty fun. I will share the following "fun" facts! (in no particular order, hence the unordered list)

  • I got a cute card in the mail yesterday from a secret admirerer (okay, it's no secret, it's callie_girl, but it's a great card. I'm going to hang it in my office.)

  • School is back in session at SS.

  • MLH has been nattering at me for two days since his untimely return from vacation, and I have bent over and taken it like a man who doesn't own a baseball bat.

  • lain_mac is out of surgery and the doctor says everything looks as well as expected! Yea!!! Update: Elaine says the Stabbing guy is gone! And l_of_suburbia says she is sleeping comfortably.

  • Steph is back. I HEART teh Steph.

  • I have two birthday parties to go to this weekend and no invitations to either of them and no presents either!

  • Also, it really squicks me to have any type of conversation about sex with someone who is old enough to be my grandfather. While theoretically, I accept that it's possible for you to have a sex life, I don't actually like to think about it in concrete terms. Do not discuss your masculine urges or mention the state of your pants in any way. Thank you.